100 PIPERS, what will you be remembered for / Tom Schlagkamp 

RocknRoll Manifesto / Tom Schlagkamp 

Urban outfitters, Shift up / Tom Schlagkamp 

MINI COOPER, RABBIT / Tom Schlagkamp 

SAMSUNG GALAXY A, You are the Answer / Tom Schlagkamp 

Tom Schlagkamp Profile

Tom is known for his breakthrough film “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Manifesto,” which won first place at the Cannes Young Director Awards, Berlin-based. Tom Schlagkamp started out as a sound and light technician. He transitioned into film at RTL Germany, where he learnt editing and motion graphics, and started directing commercials, shorts, music videos, and campaigns for blockbusters. He went on to study directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, and a scholarship brought him to UCLA to learn about “The Hollywood Perspective”. Tom was quickly pegged as a rising director. His style is both strikingly visual and highly conceptual. His work is driven by the interconnecting parts of the film process, and his fascination with intense imagery and thrilling storytelling is visible in all his films.