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Shimit Amin Profile

Born in Kampala, Uganda, Shimit Amin moved to India then to the US in his pre-teens. He studied Mathematics at the University of Florida while he was completely distracted by films and filmmaking. After graduation, in hopes of working on films as a camera assistant, he moved to Miami, Florida. There, he worked as a sound effects and music editor for telenovelas and shot short films in his spare time. He then, moved to Los Angeles while working as an assistant editor on his first feature film. While in LA, he held several film and television related jobs including script development, dialogue editing, film editing and visual effects editing. He then travelled to India to edit a hindi film for Indian Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma. While working on the film, he was offered a feature film to direct. He made his debut as a director with "Ab Tak Chappan" (Until now 56) about a group of Mumbai cops who became notorious because of their license to kill. His second film, "Chak De India" (Let’s Go India), was about a team of mismatched female hockey players who want to play for the world hockey championship. The film went on to become a critical as well as a box office success in India and was acknowledged by the Billie Jean King’s Women’s Sports Foundation. His last film was "Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year" about the adventures of a young salesman.