World cup celebration / Emil Moller 

Levi’s - Live Unbuttoned / Emil Moller 

Pepsi - Live For Now / Emil Moller 

Toms / Emil Moller 

Viasat - Winter Olympics / Emil Moller 

Axa - Swimmer / Emil Moller 

IQ - Test Yourself / Emil Moller 

TFL - Better Off By Bike / Emil Moller 

Emil Moller Profile

Emil started his career with a bang and it was one of his first films that got himself a Young Director's award in 2007. A Swedish director, based in LA, his forte lies in story-telling and his ability to make the viewer connect instantly with the protagonist of the film by conveying human feeling in the most subtle way. He has envisioned films for clients such as Google, Hugo Boss, Sony Ericsson and Levis.