Nike Vapor Max / Ehsan B 

Lexus / Ehsan B 

Cote D'or / Ehsan B 

Natural Nutrition / Ehsan B 

PORCHE / Ehsan B 

Maruti Suzuki India- Push your limits / Ehsan B 

Samsung A Series / Ehsan B 

Bonita, A night at the theatre / Ehsan B 

Mumbai Science / Ehsan B 

Louis Vuitton / Ehsan B 

Vertu / Ehsan B 

Morning After / Ehsan B 

Guerlain - Ouessant Black Bee Island / Ehsan B 

JAGUAR / Ehsan B 

Felix Schoeller - The Power of Paper / Ehsan B 

Hugo Boss feat. Jon Kortajarena - Create the look / Ehsan B 

BMW X- leave your mark / Ehsan B 

Porche 718 / Ehsan B 

Ehsan B Profile

Ehsan is a commercials and music video director who combines an aspirational visual language influenced by fashion imagery with truly engaging film-making. Commissioned by the likes of Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Vertu, River Island, Burberry, Dior (Wonderland magazine), Saint Laurent and nominated for awards at the La Jolla IFFAS and by and Le Book for the NYFW film festival.

Ehsan’s work is context driven, distinguished by captivating concepts and cinematic integrity through storytelling with a luxe, filmic finish that transcends beyond the realm of fashion to premium music videos and commercials.

Ehsan’s career background spans from direction and creative strategy, from degrees in architecture and graphic design to running a boutique creative/content agency with offices in London, Paris and New York as Creative Director. Ehsan believes in ‘film-making with brains’, marrying the pragmatism of advertising with beautifully stylized yet unpretentiously entertaining and meaningful film-making...