Haim, dont save me / Austin Peters 

Bastille, oblivion / Austin Peters 

ID, a to z of attitude / Austin Peters 

Bastille, Flaws / Austin Peters 

Haim, Forever / Austin Peters 

NYC, 1981 the Most Violent Year / Austin Peters 

Chvrches / Austin Peters 

Bastille, Laura Palmer / Austin Peters 

The Knocks, Collect my love / Austin Peters 

Ms and Mr Fantasy / Austin Peters 

Vogue,braids / Austin Peters 

haerts, giving up / Austin Peters 

Austin Peters Profile

Austin captures the grunge of a space and turns it into style. Hailing from New york, the city pulses through his veins. He has a distinct Docu-drama style of film making which lends an added layer to all his films, making them real with a sense of wonder in them. He has directed several cutting edge music videos and shorts including his latest for Major Lazer. His body of work includes Haim, Bastille, i-D, Vogue and American Express to name a few.